29.4 – The Things We Carry is presented and broadcast live from Istambul

06 Dec 2021

The Things We Carry

On World Dance Day, Francisco Camacho’s new creation will be presented and broadcast live, via the Moda Sahnesi platform, at 7 pm (Lisbon time).

Are the things we carry the ones we need? Are they the ones that allow us to survive? Or are they those that allow us to perpetuate a model of life already known without questioning it? The performance unfolds through a continuum of actions that evoke travel, nomadism, the creation of conditions for survival and for the maintenance of a model of life already familiar.

 The Things We Carry gathers two contemporary dance communities that define, to the south, the western and eastern extremes of continental Europe. With an artistic team rooted in two harbor cities, Lisbon and Istanbul combine a high contrasting socio-cultural realities, with a pronounced intersection of diverse traditions and nationalities, and it is only natural that the artistic work should partially reflect these characteristics.

Do we repeat inconsequent gestures without realizing their arbitrariness, or do we repeat them because without them we would allow the void to creep in?

Moda Sahnesi, live stream (19:00 Lisbon time; 20:00 Central European time; 21:00 Turkish time)
Istanbul, Turkey

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