E Pur Si Muove

Francisco Camacho

The new solo “E Pur Si Muove” holds a retrospective stance while proposing a gaze into novel times, drawn within new lines of artistic research. For such, the artistic residencies in three different continents are fundamental, providing the choreographer with an opportunity to contact with communities hitherto unfamiliar to him. In Europe, he is captivated by the history and local traditions of Italy’s island of Sardinia, further exploring a mediterranean imagery that has arisen previously in his work. In southern America, he observes the role played by maritime life in port cities like Montevideo and Buenos Aires. In Africa, he rummages through the coast and port of Durban with its large Indian community, through the inland metropolis of Johannesburg and its neighbouring Nelson Mandela’s Soweto, through Cape Town with its port and the contrasting surroundings in this southernmost tip of the continent. All these environments and their history provide a stimulating background for an artistic research that has travel itself at its core, extending to the globalization phenomena.

The creative process runs for over a year and focuses primarily on the idea of travel and the physicality that can derive from it. Finding himself in diverse social and cultural contexts the choreographer’s research will bring his experience in the public space to the studio. A particular attention is given to the presence of water, the sea and rivers, common to many of the cities where the creative process has its start. The choreographic research is accompanied by the reading of classical narratives relating to the proposed themes, including epic tales, alongside travel literature and local authors of the different countries and communities. These include Homer, Luís de Camões, Dante Alighieri, Herman Melville, D. H. Lawrence, Henry Miller, Jorge Luis Borges, Juan Carlos Onetti, Gonçalo M. Tavares, Antonio Gramsci, Grazia Deledda, Milena Agus, J. M. Coetzee, Nadine Gordimer, Ivan Vladislavić, Etienne Van Heerden, Imraan Coovadia, among many others.


Choreography and interpretation Francisco Camacho
Lighting Design and Technical Direction Frank Laubenheimer
Music Sérgio Pelágio
Costumes Carlota Lagido
Coreography assistant David Marques
Coproduction Tersicorea T’off (Cagliari,Itália), IUNA – Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte (Buenos Aires, Argentina) e Dance Forum (Joanesburgo, África do Sul)
Special thanks to Wolfgang Raab e Robrecht Ghesquiere
Production EIRA
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