April 29th 2020 – International Dance Day Celebration

16 Oct 2021


The Covid19 health emergency has subverted our daily life and, unfortunately, its effects will last a long time.
Older people, who are often already victims of marginalisation, are among those most affected by the pandemic, which worsens their health and compels many to be alone.
The world of contemporary dance, which already suffers from insufficient measures of support and funding, and a lack of spaces to reach its audiences, is today deeply concerned with the convulsive present and the uncertain future. However, we do not want to forget how this same world has in turn been a cause of exclusion for bodies and all subjectivities that do not conform to the canons of a supposed normality, beauty and efficiency, as in the case of the elderly.
On the International Dance Day, EIRA exceptionally offers VELHⒶS, the latest production directed by Francisco Camacho in co-creation with Ana Caetano, Bernardo Gama, Carlota Lagido, Filippo Bandiera, Sílvia Real and Sérgio Pelágio. The show wants to be a reflection about the effects of marginalization and the actions to oppose it. And, at the same time, a wish for a future in which all subjectivities have space to be expressed.

The video, with english subtitles, will be available on April 29, at 6:30pm and 9:30pm on our Facebook page.

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