Francisco Camacho’s New Creation premieres on November 22nd and 23rd at Theatro Circo in Braga

06 Dec 2021


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On the 22nd and 23rd of November, at 9:30pm, the performers Ana Caetano, Bernardo Gama, Carlota Lagido, Filippo Bandiera, Francisco Camacho and Sílvia Real and the musician Sérgio Pelágio will be on Theatro Circo, in Braga, for the grand premiere of “VELHⒶS”.

Francisco Camacho, choreographer with an international career, gathers a group of professionals around the age of 50, challenging the canons of Western dance imprisoned in the idea of youth, strength and physical overcoming. With the sound of Sérgio Pelágio’s live music, they successively reconfigure the space, using various materials that determine its physicality and movement. On one hand, they research the terms in which bodies relate to the type of matter that sustains them. On the other hand, they explore the decisions that set bodies in motion, which, in older adults, are informed by a broader experience. They refer to past experiences and confide in the inconfensible, oscillating between reality and its misrepresentation, but what moves them are current desires, wanting to intervene in the future. Giving stage to an age usually less present is also a form of reflection on history and its violence, which deprives some subjects of their full existence, and calls for a greater maturity of communities. Here, the stage is also for old people and it is hoped that their almost anarchist anger will infect those who see them.

Artistic Direction and Choreography Francisco Camacho
>strong>Interpretation and Co-creation >/strong>Ana Caetano, Bernardo Gama, Carlota Lagido, Filippo Bandiera, Francisco Camacho, Silvia Real
Original and Live Music Sérgio Pelágio
Scenography & Light Frank Laubenheimer
Direction Assist Carlota Borges Lloret
Consultancy Diego Lasio
Sound Technician Sérgio Milhano
Executive Production Teresa Brito, Tiago Sgarbi
Co-Production Theatre Circo de Braga
>strong>Support >/strong>Dance On (Berlin), Victor Córdon Studios (Lisbon), Gustavo Modena Theatre (Genova)
Acknowledgements Stefania Opisso, Giovanna Gosio

Theatre Circus
Normal: 12€| Quadrilateral: 6€
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