“Lost Ride” (2011) by Francisco Camacho

In “Lost Ride”, the figures created by Sílvia Real are confronted with a physical and psychic space that constrains them. That space is an artificial and constructed one, reinforcing the idea of fabrication. This is a world where the “natural order of things” isn’t possible anymore. Organic and inorganic hybridize, swallow and digest each other. LOST RIDE inhabits that tension, the illusion of dualisms and offers the possibility of cannibalism over such polarities. The proposal for this piece implies the unveiling of contradictions and of psychic lives. But also of their own absence and conditions of existence.
The figurations on stage are related to ways of being progressively incompatible and precarious in their enunciation. As if the very definition of such figurations implies the embodiment of the context that made such figuration possible. More than a way of being, it’s a kind of inhabitance. This inhabitance is translated through displacement, through the paradox between feeling and expressing. The successive scenes reveal different emotional and physical layers revealing and hidding. The clashes, the developments, the breaking of the surfaces deepen the anguish of the end. Or does that anguish inhabit us from the very beginning? Or are we that anguish?

João Manuel de Oliveira

Concept and Artistic Direction: Francisco Camacho
Created and performed by: Sílvia Real
Original and Live Music: Sérgio Pelágio
Lights and Technical Director: Frank Laubenheimer
Costumes: Carlota Lagido
Set: Eric da Costa
Artistic Director assistant: Tiago Cadete
Dramaturgical support: João Manuel Oliveira
Co-production: Culturgest / Fundação Caixa Geral de Depósitos, Teatro Cine de Gouveia, Festival Citemor, Centro de Artes de Sines and Cine Teatro de São Pedro
Thanks to: Leonel&Bicho Lda. and Teatro Nacional D.Maria II

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