Dance Study Project III

Francisco Camacho

26 Nov to 05 Dec 2019
EIRA - Teatro da Voz
Lisbon, Portugal
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It focuses on the Contemporary Dance field. Organized in 3 modules, in an intensive rhythm (54h/module), it is aimed at those who develop or intend to pursue professional activity in the field of performing arts, and aims to boost the aspects related to interpretation.
It distinguishes itself from other offers by providing the opportunity for a close and regular contact with one of the most outstanding national choreographers. The programme includes the transmission of the dancer’s artistic practices, focusing on issues of mastery and expansion of the expressive potential of the movement, gesture, creative response, mechanisms to stimulate the imaginary and modes of scenic presence.

Key Ideas
– Creativity;
– Modes of presence;
– Artistic place;
– Actualization;

– To provide a set of experiences that contribute to the acquisition and expansion of skills on a physical and expressive level;
– To provide the participants with tools that can be applied in the field of interpretation in a co-creation aspect;
– To contribute to professional qualification in contemporary dance;
– To disseminate artistic practices necessary to participate in an artistic process.

The sessions will be structured contemplating:
– Physical preparation;
– Observation of the different components of movement;
– Exercises of exploration of qualities of movement;
– Exercises of exploration of different modes of presence;
– Creative exercises and improvisation;
– Training of the outer eye
– Repetition training and updating within it
– Discussion about the work done;
– Contextualization of the proposed artistic practices.

EIRA | Teatro da Voz
Tv. São Vicente 11, 1100-620 Lisboa

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