Viagem Sentimental

Francisco Camacho

Viagem Sentimental is a project of the choreographer Francisco Camacho that focuses on the research of a certain geographic area for the creation of a performance that reflects this observation of the places. The methodology presupposes that the choreographer travels to a given region, equipped with his paraphernalia to record the first impressions about the place and its people. Visit a number of points of interest and have conversations with people relevant to your research who are familiar with local history, habits and culture. It assumes the place of the stranger, in a mixture of curiosity and inquiry, that tries to understand the codes of life and the choreographic potentialities in the landscape and movements of the earth.

One of the axes that determines the development of the performance is the identification of festivities and rites of the surrounding region, in the sense of revisiting them, developing a language of movement that will structure the choreography. One of the other axes is the gathering of information about notorious land figures, either because they have distinguished themselves in their professional, social or cultural intervention, or because they play an important role in the local imaginary, being singular figures – typical or atypical for their eccentricity.

The re-elaboration of the collected materials foresees the development of scenes of the spectacle that evoke these figures, in a habitual line of work of the choreographer, known by the approach of personages, and it also passes by the writing of texts to be said live or in recording, or projected .

Desiringly, this first contact with the land includes a period of artistic atelier with people who are interested in the performing arts field and, together with the choreographer, creatively approach elements that define the local culture. These participants thus contribute to the cultural and artistic perspective of the outsider, enriching their work. These contributions may include scenic performances or audiovisual recordings to be used in the performance.


Choreography and Interpretation Francisco Camacho
Technical Direction and Lighting Design Hugo Coelho
Production EIRA
Acknowledgements Devir-Capa, José Laginha, Diego Lasio

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