A Space for Dance

Since 1996, EIRA has been supporting various choreographers and other artists, both Portuguese and foreign, providing free space for rehearsals for their own projects, as well as the organization of creative residencies and artistic research.

The Teatro da Voz, besides being the working space of EIRA’s team and its associated artists, is also through EIRA, a space open to all choreographers, dancers and independent dance companies from Portugal and abroad, who are looking for a rehearsal space in Lisbon to develop their creations and / or their projects.

Depending on the time available in the studio, EIRA provides a free access to a test space equipped with lighting, sound and video material for a variety of artists, which can be used with a standard Black Box layout.


To send proposals for rehearsal space at the Teatro da Voz please kindly contact the production team through eira@eira.pt that will inform you in good time about the availability and conditions of the studio.

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