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Training by Francisco Camacho




Organized in three distinct parts, with an intensive rhythm, of about 54 hours each, it's targeted at those who develop or intend to pursue professional activity in the performing arts and aims to focus on the interpretation related aspects. The limited number of attendees suits the purpose of enableling sharp attention to each participant, in order to overcome limits and achieve a singular performativity.

The parts will focus on contexts determined by areas of artistic interest of the trainer. Together, the attendees will reflect upon the common requirements of a creative process. The program contemplates the transmission of the dancer's artistic practices, with focus on issues of domain and expansion on expressive potentialities of movement and gesture, creative response and mechanisms to stimulate the imaginary, and modes of scenic presence. Simultaneously, some work sessions will be guided by invited professionals, whose contributions will be strategic in the development of the knowledge and skills.

In order to enrich the process, it will also contemplate the dissemination of practices and results of the different parts of the project to the public interest and to the artistic community. Following this purpose, an informal public presentation will also be held at training closure.
> Provide a set of experiences aiming to expand skills either on the physical and expressive level;
> Provide participants with tools to be applied on the interpretation and co-creation processes;
> Disseminate the necessary artistic practices for a rewarding and well suceed participation in artistic processes.
> Creativity;
> Presence modes;
> Artistic place;
> Update.
The sessions will be structured contemplating:
> Physical preparation;
> Movement components observation;
> Movement qualities exploration exercises;
> Presence modes exploration exercises;
> Creative and improvisational exercises;
> Discussions about the done work;
> Proposed artistic practices contextualization.
Attendees limit: 10;
Priority will be given to those who enroll in the largest number of modules; acceptance of registration on the individual modules is limited to the remaining vacancies.
Calendar/Dates and scheduals:
The 1st Module will take place in May (8th>13th, and 15th>17th);
The 2nd Module will take place in June (5th>10th, and 12th>14th);
The 3rd Module will take place in October (3rd>7th, 9th>14th);
The sessions will have between 5 and 7 daily hours; Totalizing about 165 hours.
May and June:
Monday and Tuesday -> 10h>16h30
Wendnesday -> 14h>20h
Thursday -> 11h30>16h30
Friday and Saturday -> 10h>16h30
Monday and Tuesday -> 10h>16h30
Wendnesday -> 14h>20h
Thursday -> 11h30>16h30
Friday and Saturday -> 10h>16h30
Three modules: €250
Single module: €85
This project outcomes from a partnership with the GDA Foundation, which partakes with 70% of the selected participants training costs.

Fundação GDA
Câmara Municipal de Lisboa
A Voz do Operário - Sociedade de Instrução e Beneficência


To register on the DANCE STUDY PROJECT please fill out the following form and then send us your Curriculum Vitae, with the subject: 'applicant's NAME' | Registration on Dance Study Project, to admin@eira.pt.



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