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Alongside his intense career as performer and choreographer, Francisco Camacho is invited regularly to teach, in Portugal and abroad. His courses and workshops have been attended by both dance professionals and students, as well as people from other areas such as theatre, visual arts, community workers and animators, with or without previous dance experience. He often invites non-professional dancers to participate in his performances equally to those who are professional, fully believing in their movement and performing abilities.

In Francisco Camacho workshops the participants have contact with dance through a contemporary approach to the body and movement. The participants experiment contemporary dance methodologies, explored individually and collectively, in an open atmosphere in which each participant’s contribution is important and valued.
Each session starts with a physical warm-up and a series of body awareness exercises, which allow a better understanding of the body and widening of movement possibilities.
Some improvisation exercises and creative work are followed, focusing on dynamics and physical states in response to stimuli as keywords, imagery and sound. In this workshop the participants also explore the interaction with each other, experiencing the broadening potential of working in collaboration.
This workshop’s aim is to stimulate and increase the perception of both the body language and contemporary dance as an art form, in relation to our inner experience and the context we live in.
Taking the premise of inner experience as the drive for artistic creation, in this workshop Francisco Camacho and the workshop participants approach methodologies for the creation of performance material and tools to operate on them, observing and testing different possibilities of perceiving the movement as they manipulate and reshape it.




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