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ON TOUR » notforgetnotforgive

"A man, is a man, is a man"  (Carlota Lagido) 

A performance by Carlota Lagido created in 1999 for Project 99 of Francisco Camacho. It was conceived specifically for the men’s WC at Teatro Carlos Alberto in Porto. After, it was presented at the men’s WC in the club Lux-Frágil in Lisbon.
Later it was adapted for the stage. In 2008 it was performed by Tânia Carvalho and re-staged in articulation with the display of a large work by visual artist Roberto Matta at Museu Berardo in Lisbon. In 2011, Mariana Tengner Barros performed yet another version.

“Notforgetnotforgive, can be read as a positioning about the importance of inscription in an increasingly oblivious world. This refusal to forget and subsequently to forgive is linked with a socially shared denial of memoirs. In Notforgetnotforgive that amnesia is not taken for granted, rather being deconstructed through politics of memoirs, with possible autobiographical readings, present in Carlota Lagido’s body of work.
“Boys in the backroom”, originally sung by Marlene Dietrich, echoes a political claim in favor of inscription of a woman, of an historical period, of a cinematic memory which lends the general tone of this work. Thus, we are in the presence of a piece which not only allows for remembrance but does also claim a position in a world dominated by sound bytes.
Notforgivenotforget re-centers this general tone in an aesthetics of non compliance with a moralistic notion of forgiveness. Rather its unforgiveness forces us to rethink our position and our allegiances…”

João Manuel de Oliveira



Concept and artistic director CARLOTA LAGIDO 
Performed by TÂNIA CARVALHO or MARIANA TENGNER BARROS (originally performed by CARLOTA LAGIDO)

Costumes : CARLOTA LAGIDO with the collaboration of ISABEL PERES

Production:  EIRA 

Thanks to: JOÃO GALANTE 



24/09/1999  Porto (PT) Teatro Carlos Alberto

25/09/1999  Porto (PT)  Teatro Carlos Alberto 

21/11/1999 Lisboa (PT)  Danças na Cidade - Encontros Imediatos 

19/09/2000   Lisboa (PT)   LUX-Frágil / Festival WAY 

07/06/2001 Lisboa (PT)  Armazéns do Ferro - Mega Store

27/09/2002 Sintra (PT)  Festival de Dança Quatro Estações 

28/09/2002 Sintra (PT)        Festival de Dança Quatro Estações 

08/10/2002 Zagreb (HR) Scena Mamut - Vikend Portugalskog Plesa 

09/10/2002 Zagreb (HR) Scena Mamut - Vikend Portugalskog Plesa 

10/10/2002 Zagreb (HR) Scena Mamut - Vikend Portugalskog Plesa

21/05/2003 Frankfurt (DE) Gallus Theater - Portugiesische Kulturtage

03/07/2008  Lisboa (PT)  Centro Cultural de Belém - Museu Berardo 

17/02/2011 Lisboa (PT)  espaço EIRA33



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