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"Dear spectator,

We invite you to select a song from our list and a costume from our wardrobe. Make an appointment and at the set hour watch the instant creation of a short piece by Francisco Camacho to the sound of previously chosen music and dressed with the picked clothes.

The price of the Private Dance is defined accordingly to the duration of the song.
Each session may have a maximum of 3 spectators. However, from our point of view, the spectator who watches it alone, without anyone else, will enjoy it much more.

On a single viewer session the price shall depend on the song length.
On the two or three spectators sessions each of them will benefit a 25% price discount.
Couples with civil and/or religious marriages as well as heterosexual and homosexual couples living in consensual union may each benefit from a 40% discount, but only the only the two are authorized to attend, no one else can be invited.

For each private dance session a co-production certificate will be issued on behalf of the individual client, the couple or the members of the group.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to co-produce a piece by Francisco Camacho created especially for you!"





Artistic Direction: FRANCISCO CAMACHO 
Assisted by: PIETRO ROMANI
Production: EIRA


If you wish to know what are the upcoming tour dates of this performance please check our agenda. For any question you might have please reach Hugo Barros at admin@eira.pt. Thank you. 


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