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EIRA is a cultural organization based in Lisbon / Portugal who's mission is developing contemporary dance and performance in Portugal and internationally.

Since 1993, EIRA produces and promotes the work of the Portuguese choreographer Francisco Camacho. From 1996 onwards, EIRA started to produce and promote internationally other Portuguese artists, being today the production house of a group of associated choreographers from different generations. Currently, the core group of EIRA associated artists are Francisco Camacho (since 1993), Rafael Alvarez (since 2005), Mariana Tengner Barros and Tiago Cadete (since 2013, these artists have been regularly supported by the structure since 2011).

EIRA is also a place for contemporary dance in Lisbon. One of the few working spaces for artists still available and open in the city.   Since 1996, EIRA has been a working space for many Portuguese and foreign artists, hosting and organising in its own facilities in Lisbon, various artistic residencies, rehearsals, workshops and international research projects. Since 2013, EIRA is running the facilities of Teatro da Voz in Lisbon, one of the oldest theaters in town where EIRA keeps providing an open workspace for many artists from Portugal and beyond

EIRA also organizes CUMPLICIDADES - Lisbon International Contemporary Dance Festival. The experimental edition, March in 2015, was an act of resistance from the part of EIRA and all the participants. In a time of crisis and austerity which accentuated the fragility of an domain that wasn’t consolidated, it was urgent to create an opportunity, a context, that would propel a sense of community and of self-pride. There was a need of a festival which would mark dance in the city’s collective imagery. In March 2016, the subtitle "Moving Latitudes" described our main concern of fostering a programme oriented to processes that are driven by complicity. Awarded with EFFE (Europe for Festivals Festivals For Europe) certification, CUMPLICIDADES will now take place every two years (2018, 2020...), changing the artistic direction in every edition.

In order to strengthen international cooperation and its mission of developing and promoting contemporary dance, nationally and internationally, EIRA is also a member of the following national and international networks:

NETWORK - Association of Structures for Contemporary Dance
Danse Bassin Méditerrané (DBM)
Anna Lindh Foundation Portuguese Network

EIRA is supported by the Government of Portugal - Ministry of Culture / Directorate-General for the Arts. 



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