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Choreographer, dancer, founding member and artistic director of EIRA. He's from Lisbon, where he lives and works.

His works have been presented throughout Europe, America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa since 1988.

He has been awarded with the Prémio Bordalo da Casa da Imprensa regarding Dance (1995 and 1997) and the Prémio ACARTE/Maria Madalena de Azeredo Perdigão da Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (1994/95).

He choreographed and performed the solo pieces 'O Rei no Exílio' (1991, recorded for RTP and directed by Bruno d'Almeida), 'Nossa Senhora das Flores' (1992, Honorable Mention of the ACARTE/Maria Madalena de Azeredo Perdigão 1992/93 prize), 'Superman' (2000), 'Hitch' (2003), 'Coup d’État' (2006), 'O REI NO EXÍLIO - REMAKE' (2013) and most recently 'E PUR SI MUOVE' (2014).

He directed and choreographed the group pieces 'Com a morte me enganas' (1994), 'Primeiro Nome: Le' (1994, ACARTE/Maria Madalena de Azeredo Perdigão 1994/95 prize), 'Dom São Sebastião' (1996), 'GUST' (1997), 'More' (1998), 'À Força' (1998), 'Em Troca' (2001, choreography for the Companhia Nacional de Canto e Dança de Moçambique), 'My Name is Wilde… Oscar Wilde' (2001), 'Silence so Sexy' (2002), 'LIVE|EVIL – EVIL|LIVE' (2005), 'RIP' (2010), 'LOST RIDE' (2011) and 'ANDIAMO!' (2012).

He presented performances in co-authorship with Mónica Lapa ('Bimarginário', 1990), Vera Mantero ('blá-blá-blá', 1990), Carlota Lagido ('Sporting Decadence', 2000), Herwig Onghena (“LIVE|EVIL - EVIL|LIVE”, 2005) and Vera Mota ('im-' 2009). He collaborated as choreographer on 'Hanare' (2009), developed with Aldara Bizarro and interpreted by her. He also collaborated on the work that the visual artist Pedro Cabrita Reis presented at the Bonn Art Museum ('O Príncipe da Rua', 1999) and on the Francis Bacon's exhibition at the Serralves Museum ('Laughter To My Heart', 2003). Works for non-conventional venues include 'Performers Anónimos' (1999) and 'Danças Privadas' (2000).

He danced with several choreographers, namely Paula Massano, Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods on 'Disfigure Study' (1991) , 'BLESSED' (2007), 'All together Now' (2009) and 'UNTIL OUR HEARS STOP' (2015), Alain Platel/Le Ballets C de la B on 'Bonjour Madame, comment allez-vous aujourd’hui, il fait beau, il va sans doute pleuvoir, et cætera' (1993) and Carlota Lagido on 'Lilith' (1998) and 'Self - um auto-retrato em 39 partes' (2004). He regurarly attends at debates, conferences and international meetings, such as the European Choreographic Forum 1, CrashLanding@Moscow and Cellbytes 2001.

He teaches regularly at Fórum Dança and on the master's degrees of the Escolas Superiores de Dança e de Teatro. He has given workshops in several European, South American, Asian and African countries.

He studied dance and theater in Portugal and New York, namely at the Merce Cunningham Dance Studio and Lee Strasberg Theater Institute. He studied voice with Lúcia Lemos, scriptwriting with Luís Falcão and creative writing with José Luís Peixoto.


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